creative contracting.

conception through completion.

In the US, the average lifespan of a building is 22 years. Even today, structures are being built at a level of quality equivalent to just a 30-year life expectancy. Though we may be a relatively young country, it is despairing that we herald century homes as notable architectural achievements. Perhaps even more dishonorable, we have let our great halls, theaters, banks and schools plunge into such disrepair that razing them is the only viable solution.  

As these architectural treasures slip away, we begin to lose our grasp on the meaning of true craftsmanship. Cookie-cutter construction and disposable neighborhoods obstruct our view into a past in which quality, inspiration and devotion superseded all else.

From residential rehabs to urban retrofits, Bauhaus Builders is dedicated to maintaining great homes and buildings using an ideal mix of modern materials and traditional craftsmanship. Reclaimed resources, green building techniques, and intelligent design come together to create modern living environments that honor our rich architectural heritage. From conception through completion, we are committed to building with the vision of the artist-and the finish of a craftsman.